Meet the Team

Welcome to Marne Flowers, home of the famous "Marne's Flower Truck" and floral design studio! We're a mobile flower shop founded in 2019, serving up fresh floral blooms, design workshops and pop-up events to the lovely folks of Springboro and the surrounding areas. 


Meet Marne, the visionary entrepreneur behind our floral business.

With over 8 years of floral design finesse and a whopping 20 years reigning supreme in the realm of events and design, Marne has seamlessly transitioned from the world of corporate marketing to pursue her true passion: flowers.

Marne possesses an unrivaled eye for spotting trends and crafting designs that break the mold. Forget the traditional; she's all about making a statement.

From her bustling floral design studio to her charming flower truck, Marne is on a mission to spread love through the joy of flowers.

Her all-time favorite flower (with a tattoo to prove it) is the Lisianthus. It's plushy petals and vibrant colors make it oh-so perfect and a testament to her love for the unique and exquisite.   💕   

Stephen is our Mr. Fix it, Head Engineer, Flower Processor, Truck Mechanic... really anything you need him to be. Hence, his nickname - "Chief MacGyver" He works behind the scenes to keep everything in check and ensure that the business runs smoothly amidst the chaos of everyday operations. This wouldn't run without him and we are forever grateful!

His favorite flower is the Strawflower because "It will survive anything!"


Introducing Ruby, the flower-loving Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Ruby may be small in stature, but her enthusiasm for flowers is larger than life. She's the official mascot of our floral haven, and her presence is as vibrant as a bouquet in full bloom.

With pointy ears and a perpetual grin, Ruby is always at the forefront of our floral adventures. You'll often find her lounging at the feet of Marne, eyes sparkling with curiosity as she watches bouquets come to life. Some say she's our chief inspector, ensuring each arrangement meets her high standards of paw-fection!

In her spare time, Ruby enjoys frolicking through fields of flowers, her little legs bounding with joy as she explores nature's colorful palette. She's a firm believer that every flower deserves a sniff and a wag of approval!